The Doctor Who Collectors’s Podcast

Episode 37: The Doctor Who Pinball and classic video games

July 27, 2021

Today, I talk about the Dr. Who Pinball machine and 3 classic video games! We have The Mines of Terror, Dalek Attack, and Destiny of the Doctors.  My guest is video gaming expert Ken VanMersbergen (yes, he's my brother!) and he owns the Dr. Who Pinball with working Dalek topper.  We also have an outrageous offer from 1975, plus we protect your video games with products from!  Our next episode will be a joint podcast with the Doctor Who Target Book Club Podcast where we will celebrate their 100th episode!  We will be talking about the Late Jean Airey's story "The Doctor and the Enterprise."  It will be more fun than an Andoran Yo-Yo contest.

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