The Doctor Who Collectors’s Podcast

Episode 38: The Doctor and the Enterprise Special Joint Episode with the Dr. Who Target Book Club Podcast.

August 9, 2021

How do you celebrate the landmark episode of a podcast you’ve been doing for years now that talks about Target books? Talk about something entirely different! This time, our three-person discussion panel of Tony Whitt, Alyson Fitch-Safreed, and Dalton Hughes is joined by friend of the podcast Larry VanMersbergen for a special bumper volume (hey, that’s a Target reference) for a joint episode with his own show, THE DOCTOR WHO COLLECTORS PODCAST. And what are we discussing? Only the first major crossover between our favorite show and another franchise (and no, I don’t mean the DARK SHADOWS/VAMPIRELLA comic, either): THE DOCTOR AND THE ENTERPRISE!

The not-at-all Target book we will be covering in this episode can be found in four parts (text only) starting at the first link below, or in PDF version at the second link:…-enterprise-part-1/…tYbY9am5QDDa?dl=0

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